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Proveedor Científico S.A. de C.V., from the beginning of its activities in the year 1945, has meant for the Industrial and Scientific community in Mexico the access to the application of the Universal Sciences.

The great range of products in all areas of high technology, the support of the most important manufacturers of equipment and scientific appliances in the whole world, as well as their everlasting efforts of perfectioning and research, enable us to foresee new horizons of human possibilities. An enormous virtuous circle between academia, technology, and industry in which Proveedor Científico forms an unbreakable link.

Proveedor Científico as a means to access technology, after more than fifty years, is reborn to a new dimension, more extensive, more complete, and more meaningful... " to help men come closer to the Truth" easily-said words, hard work, and for that we want to nourish ourselves with the greatest strength yet known: time and life.


Proveedor Científico S.A. de C.V. has the mission of offering the industrial, education, and health community (both, public and private), the technology and resources that it might require to accomplish their goals. Alongside these sectors, our business supports the economic development of this country, making particular emphasis on that it translates into improving the level of life, always striving to improve the quality of life of everyone.

At Proveedor Científico S.A. de C.V., we know that the community begins from the family and from the workplace. For this reason, we pursue to maintain a nice working space, and good interaction among co-workers. We seek that this healthy relationship style transcends our company, thus contributing to building a better Mexico for everyone.


We now enlist the values that we, at Proveedor Científico S.A. de C.V., consider as fundamental, for daily interaction among people, as well as among institutions:


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